The Formosan Tea Masters

The Formosan Tea Masters are made up of tea connoisseurs, former government officials, tea farmers, tea traders and tea executives who all share a common goal: to raise the profile of Formosan Teas to the international community. Formosan Tea is of great pride to the Formosan Tea Masters and the Taiwanese people.



tea-masters-teapotThe Master

The Formosan Tea Masters are honoured to be led by Master Lan a 40 year veteran of Formosan Tea’s governing body.

Master Lan is revered throughout Taiwan as the authority on Formosan teas. He played a key role in introducing best practices to both the Lugu and Shanlinxi tea growing regions, as well as implementing new standards and creating new teas. Master Lan is often called upon to partake in international tea-tasting competitions. Master Lan retired from his government duties in 2013 after 40 years’ public service and is now dedicated to putting Formosan teas on the international map.


IF and only IF

The Formosan Tea Masters Society is dedicated to the promotion and well being of Formosan Tea. The society sets standards of excellence in both farming and production at the government level, as well as raising the profile of Formosan Teas to the International community.

A panel of international Tea Masters and advisors work alongside the Formosan Tea Masters to ensure only the finest tea is sent around the globe to you. We work to ensure that the quality of each and every Imperial Formosan Tea is never compromised. You will always be assured of only the very best teas.


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