Tea artisans

High-mountain teas are picked by hand and very carefully prepared over a three-day period to ensure that only the finest quality teas are produced.

Unique Aroma

Once picked the fresh tea leaves are initially withered in the sun for several hours before being laid out to oxidise under constant supervision. It is the process of how the moisture leaves the pores of each tea leaf which creates the unique aromas of Formosan teas.

The teas are gently rolled to encourage the breakdown of the leaf structure that further enhances and enriches the flavours and aromas by releasing the volatile substances. When the tea artisan is sure the leaves have oxidised to the optimal point the tea is then ‘fired’ in a kiln to lock in the flavours and stop further oxidisation. In traditional Formosan tea production this is known as ‘killing the green’.

It became fashionable in Taiwan during the 1960s to present tea in tightly rolled balls. These balls of tea, when brewed, would unfold and expand to show the full undamaged whole leaf. This is a testament to the patience and rare skills of Formosan tea artisans.

Limited Supply

These fine high-mountain teas are in such demand they are rarely, if ever allowed to leave the island. Quite simply there is not enough for the knowledgeable, demanding and affluent domestic market, let alone overseas markets. Some of the teas passed off as high-quality Taiwanese teas are either far from premium or not even genuine.

With the launch of Imperial Formosan that has changed. Anything carrying the Imperial Formosan seal is guaranteed to be genuine premium high-mountain tea.

Imperial Formosan Teas are selected exclusively by The Formosan Tea Masters.

The Formosan Tea Masters